Meet our First Lady


Reverend Karen W. Curry, Associate Minister

Rev. Karen Curry has worked to improve the quality of life for District of Columbia residents for over 30 years through her service at The Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church (Ward 7), and at The House DC, Inc. (Ward 8), a highly-effective after school ministry that has been transforming the lives of youths and their families since 1999. She has developed and taught creative, thought-provoking workshops and retreats focused on spiritual, social, and academic life skills, as well as leadership development for high school students and adults. She also preaches for numerous Women’s Day worship services and is regularly requested to facilitate women’s ministry retreats.

In 2001, she was licensed by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Haggray to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She was ordained the following year in 2002. In addition to ministering to the community,

Rev. Karen also provides communications services for clients ranging from small non-profits to Federal agencies, including DCTV where she has been an on-camera host for the station’s “Student Exposure” broadcast. She also previously served as chair of the Enlistment Committee of the District of Columbia Baptist Convention, and worked with the Time to Fly Foundation, a ministry which helps women and children heal from abuse. She currently serves on the DC State Athletics Commission.

Her formal education includes a Master of Theological Studies from Wesley Theological Seminary; a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of Southern California; and an Associate of Arts degree from Prince George’s Community College where she has worked as an Adjunct Professor and launched a creative and critical thinking course she developed entitled, “Think About It! Write About It! Do Something About It!” In her spare time, she enjoys writing and performing her original poetry and raps. Her poem, “Colin Couldn’t Stand,” earned an honorable mention in the Beacon newspaper’s arts contest and was featured on Howard University’s television station, WHUT-TV. Her poem, “Violins or Violence” was featured at Rev. Dr. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign Revival in Washington, DC and at an anti gun violence service at the National Cathedral. Both poems can be viewed on Rev. Karen’s website, as well as YouTube, and are included in Rev. Karen’s book, Poetic and Prophetic.

Rev. Karen is happily married to Rev. Dr. Kendrick E. Curry, Pastor of the Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church. The Currys are the proud parents of Keyona and Kendrick Curry, II. Visit Rev. Karen’s website at or contact her at for preaching/teaching/speaking engagements, to purchase a book, to request a personally-commissioned poem or rap, or to request assistance through her Real Estate ministry.


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